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Foreign Members of the National Scientific Qualification Committee 
A recent legislation has substantially modified the recruitment system for academic staff in Italy. The new procedure is based on a national competition for the National Scientific Qualification (abilitazione), which from now on is required to enter Italian universities as associate or full professor. The qualification, comparable to the French "qualification", is granted by National Committees, one for each group of disciplines (a total of around 200 distinct groups). All committees are made up of five members, four affiliated to Italian universities and one affiliated to a foreign university (OECD countries). Members from foreign universities must hold a position equivalent to that of a full professor. The national agency for the evaluation of universities and research Institutes (ANVUR) will send to a selected list of distinguished scholars a personal letter, asking them to submit a candidacy to become a member of the National Committee. Spontaneous candidacies from distinguished scholar will also be considered by ANVUR. Foreign colleagues will have to include a curriculum vitae (CV), the list of scientific publications and the selected disciplinary fields. Members must comply with criteria of scientific excellence, which are defined as being positioned in the top 50% of the distribution of indicators of scientific productivity. These include, for scientific and technological areas, the number of publications in indexed journals in the last ten years, the number of citations received and the h-index; for humanities and social sciences, the number of publications (from any source) and the number of articles in A-rated journals (according to ANVUR lists). On the basis of these information, ANVUR will select at least four possible foreign members for each scientific group. The foreign member of each committee will then be randomly selected among those in the lists. The committee will stand in service for two years, during which two rounds of evaluations will be carried out. Names and CVs of the selected candidates will be published on the ANVUR website. The post shall be entitled with an honorarium of Euro 16,000 for the whole period, plus expenses.

CV Foreign Members 
List of Foreign Members to be evaluated for italian Scientific. As required by the Article 7 of the DD n. 181/2012 CVs of commissioners who will be drawn have been published. For each professor is avaible his CV attached with the application form.